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Prefer papayas which turn from green to yellow, that's a sign the fruit is almost ripe. Slightly green papayas keep ripening in room temperature, more so, if put into a paper bag! Surface should give away a bit when applying pressure with finger. Papaya is overripe if skin is too soft or fruit has fermented odor. Wrinkled skin is another sign the fruit is past its prime.

Fresh but ripe pomegranate are spotless and bright-red all over. Ripe pomegranates are heavier than their raw counterparts. About half of the pomegranates weight is edible. It will preserve in fridge for two months but only couple of days in room temperature.

Coconut is green when raw but dark brown when ripe. Fresh coconut has a rattling sound when shaken. Preserves for a short period in the fridge.

Passion fruit is considered one of the best tropical fruit. Smooth shiny skinned passion fruit is unmistakably raw. Ripe fruit has a tough, slightly wrinkled skin. Be aware of totally wrinkly and dark skinned fruit, it has probably dried. Do not preserve passion fruit in the refrigerator.

Fresh and sweet pineapple has a yellow skin and the middle leaves are spread out. Pineapple is slightly springy when pinched and nice fresh pineapple smell is coming from the butt of the fruit. Odorless pineapple should be kept in room temperature for couple of days until it smells like pineapple juice. Ripe fruit lasts about two weeks in 6-7 degrees.

Pick up the watermelon and give it a knock, sound should echo through the watermelon instead of smothering in the fruit. In addition to good sound, prefer female watermelons which have a larger circle on the top.

Choose a healthy and strong mango without any spots, which is little bit soft when squeezed. The butt of the mango should have a sweet odor. If the mango is raw, store at room temperature until ripe!

Avocado is ripe when slightly soft when squeezing, but be aware of overly soft fruit, those are probably overripe. Overripe avocados have one end much softer than the other.